• Border Security

    A nation must be able to secure its border to protect its citizens. Contrary to what identity politics teaches people these days, there is nothing racist, mean, or uncaring about having a system in place that allows us to control who comes into Texas.

    I support Trump’s border wall. And I support a fair immigration system that protects Texans, and brings people in that want to work hard and be Americans.

    Until Trump finishes the wall, we can start by being very clear that we will end sanctuary cities.

  • Jobs and the Economy

    The difference between me and the government is I’ve actually created jobs.

    I’m a business owner who knows firsthand how government keeps you from succeeding. I’ll keep fighting to deregulate worthless laws that stifle growth. I want to end burdensome regulations, lower taxes and return to true free market principles. No more subsidies. No more picking winners and losers. Texas already leads the nation in pro-business policies, but the job’s not done.

  • Faith and Family Values

    We can strengthen Texas families by returning to principles of personal responsibility and accountability. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I support religious freedom, and I will fight against liberal extremism.

  • Sanctity of Life

    As a mother, I understand that life is precious, and our right to life is given by our creator, and enforced by our Constitution. I will fight in the State House for life. But my fight doesn’t end there. Supporting life means we do everything, including fighting for a culture that encourages life.

  • 2nd Amendment

    I’m a gun owner, and proud of it. I believe the 2nd amendment is all the license I need to have my gun. Gun free zones do nothing but disarm lawful citizens. You can’t regulate evil out of a society, but we can work together as a community to promote safety and awareness. I’m for responsible gun ownership, and that starts when our children are young.

  • Education

    It’s not okay for public schools to fail. It’s also not okay to allow our children to be stuck in a failing system. Dollars should follow the child, to allow them to go to a school that succeeds for them. But this doesn’t mean we give up on public education. My husband and I went to public school. So did my children. This is a dual issue. We need to fix public education and promote a system that allows our children to go to schools that benefit them.

  • Taxes and Budgeting

    I know how to make a household budget work and last, and I will bring that to Austin. State funding needs to be prioritized for the core functions of government. I will support legislation that maintains and limits spending growth linked to the rate of population growth and inflation.

    It’s time to end property taxes. I recognize we won’t get there right away, but it’s time to put behind us the days of never being allowed to own property in Texas.

    I’m a supporter of the FairTax, and I will fight for maintaining our Rainy Day Fund for its intended purpose.

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