Meet Amber

Amber Pearce is a self-taught Blanco county mother, wife, and businesswoman. As Vice President of Operations for her jointly owned oil and gas business, Amber has been at the helm of a profitable enterprise, balancing budgets, organizing operations, all while keeping a home for her husband and their children. Together, she and her husband have grown their business to one of the largest in the area.

An Authentic Voice

Amber was born in Texas, raised in Johnson City, and has finally settled down in Cypress Mill, between Round Mountain and Dripping Springs. She grew up in a loving household, but life never was the perfect image some politicians make it out to be. Like so many women, her duty to motherhood was placed above her desire for college. She went through some hard times, but it was her faith and devotion to family that got her through it. Her success wasn’t overnight. Amber worked for decades up the ladder to finally owning a business. Amber and her husband, Brooks Pearce, have five children.

Our district deserves a strong conservative voice. I may not always be politically correct, but you will always know where I stand, and I will never compromise my principles.
I promise I will always serve the people of HD45.”

Between diaper changes, school sports, and supporting her husband, Amber really has lived the American dream. Today, Amber and her husband run a Blanco County headquartered oil and gas business, where they are on track to create more jobs for the people of HD45.

Frustrated with the quality of education, property taxes, and the lack of conservative women in Austin, Amber has decided to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

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